Fukushima Few

The Fukushima Few stay behind and continue to fight to avert further disaster at the plant The Fukushima few have stayed behind to save their Japan and the world from more disaster at the nuclear reactors. They are doing the unimaginable, right now, as we are all sitting around, they are risking their lifes. Ever thought about dying at work? It happens, and for most people it happens while driving, sleeping, or some other obscure thing. For these brave people at the Fukushima nuclear plant, they may die at work or soon after this horific disaster at the plant is contained.

We know for certain that two containment domes have exploded, allegedly as a result of a hydrogen/oxygen detonation. The explosions were massive, and several people were hurt, although officials claim there was no damage to the reactors themselves.

Officials allege that radiation leakage is minimal, however that doesn’t square with other facts we’ve been given. The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, stationed 100 miles offshore, has declared its crew received exposure equivalent to 30 days of radiation in only one hour. That’s a startling amount.

Fukushima nuclear plant from aboveNow, as you read this, the Fukushima few are bravely fighting the nuclear meltdown. Fighting an invisible killer that can kill in minutes or even seconds in high doses.
They must recognize they’re being bombarded with deadly radiation, and the symptoms of radiation poisoning are well documented and happen quickly. They would manifest in your and your coworkers on a daily, or even hourly basis. Imagine dealing with co-workers being carried away as they fall victim to the radiation. Your throat gets scratchy, you get sores on your lips and nose and when you scratch your head your hair falls out. The guy at the next fire hose tries to keep standing but collapses on the floor, and is carried away . All while you’re working at a back breaking pace to shut down the nuclear reactor and save the spent fuel tanks, both of which are about to or starting to melt down. All just to save millions of your countrymen and, the world.